Money Doesn’t Make You Happy - Here’s What Really Does

Money Doesn’t Make You Happy - Here’s What Really Does

I always thought getting rich and making a bunch of money was the answer to every problem in life.

Just a few short years ago, my life was entirely different. Back in 2016, I had multiple 7-figure businesses across different industries.

I had a thriving Bitcoin investment portfolio, an email marketing business, and another business that helped people just like you build online businesses.

But I was working too much.

I was spread way too thin.

My lifestyle and bad habits caught up with me and eventually, I burned out. I got to the point where I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing anymore. 

It was all about making money even though I had no clue how to spend it. And it wasn’t making me happier. 

I found myself thinking, “Is getting rich really the answer? What’s missing?”

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Until one fateful day, the 7-figure businesses didn’t matter. My body had a different agenda than just hoarding wealth. I’ll never forget the was the day after Christmas in 2016.

Yes, December 26th, 2016 was the day my life changed. Normally, it’s a fun day where I get to relax, watch my kids play with new toys and plan my new year goals. 

But the end of 2016 was different.

That day sent my life into an entirely different direction. It was on December 26th, 2016 that I knew something was wrong. 

My body and mind simply felt off. I started feeling awful. I had double vision and didn’t know what was going on.

Shortly after this horrible feeling, I was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome. If you don’t know, it’s a rare nerve disease that has symptoms like paralysis of the eye muscles, abnormal muscle coordination, and other symptoms.

It turned my world upside down.

The next few months were some of the hardest times of my life.I had worked so hard to create these businesses but for what? 

To end up sick, tired, and questioning everything in my life...all by the time I was 40 years old?

For months, I had to take it easy and go through a ton of medical treatments. I had to get regular blood transfusions and had to stop working my normal 60-hour weeks. I had to change everything about my life.

After about three months of intense treatment, my health got better but I wasn’t who I was before all of this. Something had changed.

I knew I couldn’t go back to my old way of life.

I knew that I had to change something or another illness would manifest itself in the future.

But I didn’t know where to start or what needed to change.  

I wanted to learn why my life wasn’t fulfilled even though I had several 7-figure businesses. I wanted to learn why I continued to sabotage myself despite trying so hard.

So I started down the road of personal development.

I knew that I had to change from the inside out. Motivation and willpower weren’t going to cut it.

My Biggest Breakthrough - Understanding Self-Image 

I had already gone to all the seminars before and went to all the personal development events so I knew I needed something else. This quest to understand myself led me to understand an important concept.

In fact, it’s the core of all personal development.

It’s what Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and other top speakers base a ton of their work after.

This concept is known as your self-image and it controls everything in your life.

Yes, everything...

Your self-image controls your health, how much money you make, your relationships, habits and everything else.

You simply can’t outperform how you see yourself.

As Maxwell Maltz said in the best selling book, Psycho-Cybernetics, “The self-image is the key to human personality and human behaviour. Change the self-image and you can change the personality and behavior.”

When I read this part of the book, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I became obsessed with understanding the self-image and how it has affected all areas of my life since I was a kid.

When I thought more about the concept of the self-image being the invisible force that ran my life, it made perfect sense.

I began to understand why I was the person that I was.

I began to understand why I had made so many bad choices when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. 

I was simply living out my self-image. 

Despite all the dumb stuff that had happened in my life, my research led to one thing. This deep inner workd made me realize that I have the ability to change despite my previous failures and setbacks. 

I learned that it was possible to change your habits if you learn how to change your self-image.

The rest of 2017, I spent nearly all of my time learning like never before.

I became a voracious reader and learned concepts that shook me to my core.

These new concepts helped me drop bad habits, get in the best shape of my life, and find my true purpose in life.

While I was “successful” before my diagnosis, I was only successful financially.

I was doing everything for the money. Money, money, money. It ruled my life.

But I wasn’t truly aligned. 

I knew I could be more, do more, and help more people. While the three months of transfusions were painful, it made me realize my true purpose on this planet.

I knew that I was put here to help positively inspire the world. I knew that other people could learn from my failures and reach their full potential.

At that moment, I learned I was was born to make a difference (I even got a tattoo of it on my forearm just to remind myself every single day).

It was my darkest and toughest times that taught me the biggest, most powerful lessons. It became clear that I could help people like I helped myself. 

But sadly, very few people ever actually do what they were born to do.

Instead, most of us live a life of quiet desperation.

A life of unfulfilled dreams, listening to the masses, settling for mediocrity, and doing what society tells us to do. 

How to Stop Settling for Average

So why do so many people worldwide struggle with the same things?

The main reason is that we aren’t taught the stuff that really matters. Instead, we are taught to play it safe, get an education, follow the rules, get a job, climb the corporate ladder, and retire.

We aren’t taught that our mind is the most powerful computer in the world and can help us achieve wonders. We aren’t taught how to control our emotions, set goals, and create a life of ultimate fulfillment.

Looking back, I thought getting diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome was the worst thing that could have happened at the time.

But in reality, it helped me learn the true meaning of my life.

While creating abundance and making money is important, during my struggle, I learned the importance of creating a legacy. And that’s what I’m here to do with you.

I want to help you learn from my mistakes and start creating the life you’ve always wanted.

I want to help you create a life that leaves a massive legacy behind. 

My goal is to help you be more, do more, and achieve more than you thought possible.

But instead of giving you some ra-ra motivation, I’m going to share with you the real stuff.

The stuff that actually moves the needles and helps you create real change.

I’ve committed to doing that the rest of my life. I want to show you why you haven’t gotten the results in your life (yet) and how you can begin to create the life you have always wanted.

I want to show you how to use your mind to achieve massive success.You don’t need to wait until next week, next month or next year to begin changing. 

Change can happen in an instant.

I know because one moment changed my life forever. So if you want to create real and lasting change, understand that it’s up to you. No one else can do it for you.

As Tony Robbins said, “If you want life to change, you have to change. It’s the only way it can happen.”  

But it all starts with you taking action. 

Action always leads to clarity.

I hope you can gain the type of clarity I found without having to go through what I went through. Thank you again for being a part of my community and I can’t wait to share a lot more with you very soon. 

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